Choosing the perfect home to invest in is a confusing decision to make. This requires a long time to ensure that you chose the perfect one for you. Some factors should be considered in deciding where to invest, including the space, budget, number of people who’ll be staying, and the location.

There are a lot of options to choose from, such as a house, condo, townhouse, or apartment. The good thing is that each one of them has its advantages and disadvantages. Doing thorough research about this will definitely help you make a better decision.

Should you invest in a house, condo, townhouse, or apartment? Read on to find out which is best for you.


A house is usually an independent structure with lots of space. This can be a single-story or multiple stories depending on your preference. 

Pros of Living in a House

There are many advantages of living in a house. These include:

  • Having the Freedom of Doing Anything. Since houses are built apart, it usually has spaces that can be utilized as a yard or a garage. These things are beneficial for a family because this provides an excellent place for outdoor activities. Further, it can be decorated and altered whichever you like. There are little to no limitations when you invest in a house, unlike apartments or condominiums, where you have very limited space.
  • More Privacy For You and Your Family. Houses do not share walls with other homes because they are built to have their own. This means more privacy for you and your family as neighbors won’t hear your footsteps or the sound of your television.

Cons of Buying a House

Living in a house has cons too. Here are they:

  • High Maintenance. A house will be given to you as is. Once it is handed to you, you’ll be responsible for everything, such as lawn care, yard cleaning, HVAC system maintenance, and other repairs needed. All of these shall be either repaired by you or people you could hire to do it for you.
  • More Expensive and Time-Consuming. The maintenance will be requiring more time and more money since you’ll pay for every repair. Thus, you should set aside a budget just for maintenance and repairs if you want to live comfortably in the long run.

Houses are Recommended for: Families, Individuals with more budget, and People who need more space.


You can choose to buy either a studio unit, 1-bedroom unit or even up to 5 bedrooms with condominiums. This is a cheaper option compared to a house or a townhouse. This is because there is no land included — all of the units are located in a single building. Condominiums are popular for their exterior designs and their facilities.

The key feature of a condo is its maintenance and monthly fees. Since all of the owners are situated in the same building, they are required to pay monthly payments to maintain the whole building and the facilities, such as the elevators, pools, etc.

Pros of Living in a Condominium Unit

Here are the pros of condo living:

  • Low Maintenance. Since you are surrounded by walls, you’ll just need to look out for cracks or the sticky leftover from tapes or wood glues. Other than that, maintenance is already covered by the homeowners association (HOA) dues. HOA dues even cover your security as it pays for the CCTV cameras, security guards, and similar things. It also pays for the trash pickup and cleaning of the pools, grass, and surroundings.
  • Security. A condominium building has a lot of security personnel even though the gates are already equipped with high-technology locks. There are also usually doorkeepers for every floor who maintain the cleanliness. This is a suitable setup for individuals who live alone as there are people they can immediately ask for help in case of an emergency.
  • Amenities. There are benefits for condo dwellers because they can enjoy amenities such as swimming pools, fitness centers, a clubhouse, or even a park. These are easily accessible in a condo, unlike in other options.

Cons of Buying a Condo

Here are some of its disadvantages:

  • Highly Restrictive. The presence of a homeowner association means that there are many rules and regulations that should be complied with. This means that you cannot decorate and customize your unit the way you want. Typically, the developer or builder of the building already has options for you to choose from on how you can design your condo.
  • Strict Compliance to Rules Required. HOA rules and regulations should be the first ones you should check before deciding to invest in a condo. Some of the HOA rules are tolerable, while some are highly restrictive for you. This still depends on your preference.
  • Lack of Privacy. The walls and the door are the only dividers between you and your neighbors, so there’s no exclusivity. All of the amenities and facilities are shared with all the homeowners as well.

Condos are Recommended for: first-time homebuyers, individuals who live alone, people who travel a lot, and those who are investing in real estate.


A townhouse is typically a multilevel structure with two to three-story attached residences. You are super close with your neighbors as you are just divided with walls like a condo. 

There are also HOAs for townhouses, so even if you already own it, you’d still need to pay monthly dues. Similar to a condo, the fees cover the cleaning and maintenance of your community. This includes the trash pickup and the cleaning of the surroundings. There is also a limitation in a townhouse as you’ll still ask permission from the HOA for any enhancements you want.

Pros of Living in a Townhouse

The following are the pros of living in townhouses:

  • Lots of Space. A townhouse is the best of both worlds because you’ll have space since it is multilevel and the low maintenance care of HOA monthly fees.
  • Pet-Friendly. Since there is a front yard and a back yard, this is great for your pets. Although sometimes, there are few restrictions when it comes to pet owners, which are only often related to litter.
  • Sense of Community. Townhouses are closer to each other compared to houses. As such, a sense of community is developed here. It is easier to socialize and interact with each other in this kind of environment.

Cons of Buying a Townhouse

Check out their cons below:

  • Homeowners Association (HOA) Fees. HOA fees in townhouses depend on their age because the older the property, the more likely damages are found. So it is more expensive than the new ones.
  • Less Privacy. Walls are shared with your neighbors on both sides. As a result, there is less privacy here. This shouldn’t be an issue as long as you get along with your neighbors or, at least, civil towards them. The backyard and the front yard are smaller compared to a house as well.
  • Limited Freedom. HOA imposes restrictions on any changes that you’d do inside or outside of your home. Before you can do any renovations, you still need to ask for permission from HOA, which is still subject to their approval.

Townhouses are Recommended for: long term residents, big families, or real estate investors


Apartments are places that are divided into units to be rented. This is common for people who prefer paying their rent monthly. However, this is usually paid to the landlords and this is not the type that you’d eventually own because this is often owned as a building.

This is suitable for people who need a place to stay near their schools or workplaces. The most important thing that you should consider here is the location. It should be close to transportation and commercial establishments.

Apartments are good investments to be rented out to people for a short term or a lease. This could also be residential, industrial, commercial, and others.

Pros of Living in an Apartment

The following are the pros of living in apartments:

  • Little to No Maintenance. The landlord is the one responsible for paying property taxes and maintaining the building. You won’t have to worry about these things because you’ll just need to pay your rent on time. Some apartments also have amenities such as a swimming pool and a gym.
  • More Options to Choose From. There are many options when it comes to apartments because there are small to large ones depending on your needs. It could be up to 750 square meters in size.
  • Close to Everything. Apartments are strategically situated near commercial establishments and public transportation. It is easy to access everything because of these things.

Cons of Buying an Apartment

There are cons as well. Here are they:

  • Compliance With the Landlord’s Rules. The landlord should approve any changes that you want to make in an apartment. Some do not allow visitors to stay in, so check their rules first before investing in one.
  • No Pets Allowed. Pets are usually not allowed here. Or, in rare cases, only small breeds of dogs and cats are allowed.
  • Privacy and Noise. There are many tenants in an apartment so you can usually hear everything. This won’t be a problem as long as your neighbors are considerate.

Apartments are Recommended for: Short-term renters, travelers, and office workers

Final Thoughts

Whichever among a House, Condo, Townhouse, or Apartment you’ll invest in, it all depends on your purpose and preference. Ensure that you considered all the factors before making the big decision.

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