The key to achieving a peaceful life is having a great environment and a relaxing home. Before choosing where to reside, you might want to consider things like transportation mode, the availability of your needs, the community, and other opportunities like education and career growth.

Although Metro Manila is the hub of business districts and commerce, it is also a place of traffic and pollution. Some people may want an urban lifestyle, but some want to live with a country lifestyle out from the hustling bustling cities. If you are still deciding which location you want to settle, here are some reasons why you should consider living outside Metro Manila.

6 Reasons to Consider Living Outside the Metro

As you start a family, you think about the location of your living space. Metro Manila can undeniably offer job opportunities, but there is a higher cost of living. Let’s break down some factors why living outside Metro Manila can be beneficial.

Access to Better Health

Provinces have better air quality than big cities like Metro Manila. Absorbing air pollution can affect your lung development and, worse, can lead to premature death. Being exposed to nature helps a lot, especially for those individuals that are mentally and physically exhausted.

Take a deep breath while consuming fresh air to normalize your heart rate and production of stress hormone. A quiet life in a town or province full of green trees and having access to fresh fruits and vegetables will surely help you relax and have a more contented and better life than living in the Metro.

Low Cost of Living

We are all aware that having a house in towns or province comes with spacious backyards. You can plant any fruits and vegetables in your home. And since most fruits, vegetables, fish, and meat came from provinces, you can acquire them at an affordable price. Essential goods are cheaper in rural areas compared to Metro Manila. On top of that, you can quickly access utilities such as water through nature, reducing your expenses.

Housing costs are also cheaper, may it be rent or getting your own. A condominium in Makati with 25 square meters can cost 4 to 5 million pesos. In contrast, a townhouse with 40 to 60 square meters in Cavite can only cost you 2 to 3 million pesos. There is a huge difference in house pricing, but it still depends on which location is more convenient. 

Traffic Jams are Not a Thing Anymore

Imagine all that time you wasted waiting on a road for hours when in fact, you can travel for only 30 minutes. It will be very unusual for you to experience traffic in the province as not all people have a car. Markets, groceries, and other necessary outlets usually are within walking distance, also near the residence.

Areas have an efficient transport network. For example, Laguna has designated bike lanes and P2P buses that reduce road congestion. The lower population also contributed to this. Fewer people to travel means better mobility of transportation. Provinces can easily manage and develop facilities and roads to improve public transport systems.

Near Vacation Destinations

The Philippines offer many tourist attractions and vacation destinations. However, it is more challenging for people residing in Metro Manila to reach tourist spots, such as beaches and mountains, because of the distance and traffic. But if you live in areas like Cavite, where you can view Taal Lake or Batangas, where there are many beaches, you can easily access these natural attractions.

People who live in rural areas can travel around their place and go on vacation quickly if they want to. If you have a family outing or bonding, you can easily book a place.

Career Growth Opportunities

Nowadays, businesses outside Metro Manila are continuously growing, which means more job opportunities for the people. Moreover, the government helps in the promotion of trade and investments within the local area. It ensures that there will be work available for its citizens.

There are also manufacturing factories and call center firms in places like Rizal and Laguna. You don’t need to travel or rent a space in Manila to get a job.

Accessible Educational Institutions

If you have children, you don’t need to worry about enrolling them in a good school. There are excellent educational institutions in the provinces. As you see, the top universities in Metro Manila have satellite campuses in some provinces.

As an example, there’s La Salle, FEU, Lyceum, and TUP in Cavite. On the other hand, there’s San Beda and Siena College in Rizal. Students can learn more if they are accessible to their schools, reducing their time commuting or travelling.

Best Places to Live Outside Metro Manila

Starting a family and investing in a home requires a good location that fits your lifestyle. You might have thought of living in Metro Manila, but you are rethinking the site due to congestion. As mentioned above, there are a lot of reasons why you should also consider living outside the Metro. Provinces offer a peaceful way of living and a low cost of living.

To give you an idea, we created a list of top places outside Metro Manila that you can consider.


This province is one of the fastest-growing places in the Philippines. It offers commercial, industrial, and residential properties. Cavite is a great place to kickstart your career with the available work opportunities. Here are some of the exciting things you can find within Cavite:

  • Shopping Malls
  • Food Hubs
  • Historical and Cultural Places
  • Tourist Spots
  • Educational Institutions


Besides Bulacan’s definitive history, it also offers natural gems, such as Verdivia Falls and Dona Remedios Trinidad. More than that, this province has more room for developments, which means they will work on more infrastructure projects. This can be beneficial for the growth of career opportunities of the citizens. It is also accessible to the airports, including NAIA and Clark International Airport. 


Currently, Laguna is undergoing urbanization. There is a continuous development of condominium and residential properties within the area. Nevertheless, it does not affect the province-feeling of the location. You can relax and rest in Laguna with the help of the hot springs and restaurants around the area.

Besides that, Laguna is home to the largest manufacturing companies in the country. It means that there are jobs available, and businesses can thrive in this place.

Final Thoughts

Living in Metro Manila has some perks but can be tiring. Although you can easily access the business districts, fancy shopping malls, restaurants, health, and safety, they are also top priorities. Plus, the cost of housing and living in Metro Manila is higher.

If you start your career and family, places outside Metro Manila, such as Cavite, Rizal, Laguna, Batangas, and Bulacan, are great places to begin. It is highly accessible to Metro Manila, which means you can still go to places in NCR when you want to. Moreover, provinces offer better health and a low cost of living.

Hopefully, by providing top reasons to consider living outside Metro Manila, you can choose if this location fits your lifestyle better.

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