People often pursue property renovations, so they feel more at home. However, knowing how to maximize your property’s value is not just always about achieving your desired comfort. Sometimes, you can also do it so you can easily make your way up the property ladder to your dream home. Home improvement practices can indeed make your stay a lot worthwhile, but they are helpful too when you are about to move out. 

Many people hesitate to design their property before putting it up for sale because such a decision sounds costly and unnecessary at first. However, if you truly think about it, home renovations can very much so benefit you. If you plan to sell your property in the Philippines, making some adjustments with your real estate before listing it can help you close a better deal. 

Home renovations increase the value of your property, so make sure you decorate it before leaving. Here are some home improvement tips you can do to sell your property at the best price possible. 

Do Some Painting

The most obvious step you can take towards making your property more desirable to your potential market is painting. It does not necessarily mean that you would do it to your entire home, although that can be the case sometimes. Hence, evaluating first the areas of the house that need retouching is the best way to approach it. Afterward, you should proceed with the painting process. It would make your home look a lot neater, resulting in added value. 

There is one tip that you should never forget when painting corners and rooms. Based on recent trends in worldwide real estate (and not just in the Philippines), homebuyers tend to be more interested in properties with neutral colors. So do not forget to take that into account before you start painting! 

Make Low-Maintenance Landscaping

One of the secrets to increasing your property’s value is to proceed with landscaping improvements. Adding some greens can add curb appeal to your home. If your property sale plan is still quite far ahead, you may plant shade trees that can make your house look more appealing as they mature over time. If that is not possible with your time frame, you may choose to add shrubs or colorful plants instead. 

However, you should think green when purchasing materials for landscaping. Purchase only those plants that are drought-tolerant and native to the Philippines. Doing this can help make your property low-maintenance, a characteristic that can add value to your home when you list it for sale. 

Update Your Bathrooms

One of the home features that local and international buyers in the Philippines look for in 2021 is the bathroom. Thus, it is only practical that you make some upgrades to the room. Making some improvements in this area can help you gain bigger returns when you sell the property. Bathrooms are of central interest to home shoppers because of how they have progressed as a stylish part of most homes. 

Needless to say, you shouldn’t only focus your resources on improving its layout and design. A beautiful bathroom is of no use to the market if its functionality is not taken care of. You should replace broken tiles and install necessary bathroom features. Since most of your potential market is locals, you may also add a touch of Filipino culture in the renovation, such as vintage batya as a shower tray. 

Transform Your Property Into a Smart Home

The Philippines is already keeping up with the latest real estate trends, and it includes the use of smart technologies. If you want to sell your property investment successfully, you should also consider adding smart features. It can help the next homeowners to feel a lot safer and valued. These features include security cameras, fire detectors, thermostats, door locks, and alarms. 

Transforming your property into a smart home does not always add value, but it can help you unlock a bigger market audience. Needless to say, if you come across tech-savvy clients, they would most likely pay a higher price for your smart home. So what are you waiting for? See if this home improvement tip fits your budget.

Replace the Floors

Another way to increase the value of your property is to replace the floors, if necessary. You can always ask professionals for advice if you are not sure about the condition of your property. There is no winner between hardwood, wood, and carpet finish in terms of flooring options since all of them come with varying returns on investment. However, hardwood often rules marketability since the majority of home shoppers look for it.

Regardless of what you choose, you should remember that neutral shades are more appealing, just like in paint. After all, you need to sell the property. 

Deep Clean and Declutter

Having a house with smart technologies, shiny floors, neat walls, and a beautiful landscape is pointless if the property is a mess. Hence, you should do a deep house cleaning before you list your property for sale. You may choose to do this yourself, but it can be exhausting. Unless you can endure hours or days of decluttering, you should hire a junk removal company. You can also rent a carpet cleaner afterward to get rid of any stains and buildups on the floors.

Then again, you can do this yourself if you want to save more money. Home improvement does not have to be expensive. Watch some tutorials on Youtube to make sure your property is spick and span before selling. 

Make Your Property Energy-Efficient

According to some reports, 89 percent of today’s market look for energy-efficient homes. It is precisely the feature that home shoppers look for next to the laundry room. Of course, buyers are more interested in properties that can help them lower utility bills. Fortunately, the support for energy-efficiency can solve this issue. 

When you have energy-efficient windows or appliances at home, it becomes a game-changer to your potential market. So if your budget permits, make sure to install these features. 

Upgrade Exterior Doors

One of the most useful home improvement tips is upgrading your exterior doors. It might sound ridiculous, but it truly works its wonders. Having an excellent house interior is necessary. However, you should pique your prospective buyers’ interest first if you want to sell the property. Establishing a great first impression is the key to sealing a deal. 

The front door is the first thing that people would see. Remodeling it can add thousands to your selling price. 

Consult With Professionals 

While you can do all these home improvement practices by yourself, it is highly suggested that you seek assistance from interior designers and real estate agents. They are more knowledgeable when it comes to improving the overall marketability of your property. Professionals are seasoned in terms of increasing your home value. They know the specific actions that you should take to get a bigger return on investment. 

Consulting with them can also help you save a lot of money and time. Since they know best when it comes to home renovation, they can suggest cheaper and quicker home improvement options.

Fortunately, Lilian Real Estate can help you. We are a real estate agency based in the Philippines that can help you prepare your property before listing. We work with clients in and beyond Manila, so we are here for you. 


Home renovation may appear costly at first, but it is necessary if you want to maximize the return on your investment. It can potentially help you not just in the financial aspects, but it can also make the selling process a lot more fulfilling. When you make home improvements, you also make someone’s dream of a perfect home come true.

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